Burning Wounds: When It's Done and When It's Safe

Causting or cauterizing is a medical technique performed by a doctor or surgeon.During surgery, they use electricity or chemicals to burn tissue to close the wound.It can also be used to remove harmful tissue.
Wound cautery is a routine procedure, but it is not the first-line treatment.Instead, it is only used in certain situations.
Also, cauterization should only be performed by a medical professional.Burning the wound yourself can be dangerous.
The procedure works by burning blood vessels that are bleeding.This seals the blood vessel, reducing or stopping the bleeding.
Burning can also reduce the risk of infection.It is used to remove diseased tissue, thereby preventing the spread of infection-causing bacteria.
It works by breaking down and exfoliating the skin.Depending on the size of the lesion or tumor, you may need several rounds of cautery.
A tear duct plug is a small device inserted into the tear duct.They help retain moisture on the surface of the eyes, which can help treat chronic dry eye.
If your tear duct plug comes off repeatedly, cauterization can help prevent this from happening.In this case, the procedure is called punctal cautery.
While it can be done, it is not safe to cauterize your own wounds.This practice involves deliberately burning the skin and therefore requires specific techniques and equipment.
The cautery is performed in the hospital.Before surgery, a healthcare professional may apply local anesthesia to control pain.
Before electrocautery, a medical professional will place a grounding pad on your body, usually on your thigh.This pad will protect you from electricity.
During the procedure, a healthcare professional will use a pencil-like instrument called a probe.Current flows through the probe.When they apply the instrument to your tissue, the electrical current heats and burns the skin.
During the process, a medical professional dips a small, pointed wooden stick into one of the chemicals.Next, they will transfer a small amount to your wound.This can damage the skin on contact.
Since excess chemicals can drip onto healthy skin, it is important that this procedure be done by a trained professional.
After being cauterized by a health care professional, it is important to care for the wound.This will promote proper wound healing and prevent complications.
Causation is not the first choice for treatment.In most cases, before considering cautery, the wound will be closed using:
That’s why it should only be done by a medical professional.They will know exactly where electricity or chemicals are used, and how much pressure to use.
After burning the wound, be sure to take care of it.Avoid picking at the scab or stretching the area.Contact your doctor if you notice signs of infection, such as pain or increased pus.
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Post time: Jun-28-2022
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