InnovationRx: Medicare Advantage Expands Plus: Medical Technology Billionaire

The economy may be slowing down, but that hasn’t stopped major health insurers from expanding their Medicare Advantage expansion plans. Aetna announced that it will expand to over 200 districts across the country next year. UnitedHealthcare will add 184 new counties to its roster, while Elevance Health will add 210. Cigna is currently only present in 26 states, with plans to expand to two more states and over 100 counties in 2023. Humana has also added two new counties to the list. This highlights the rapid growth of Medicare Advantage plans over the past few years after they became unavailable in much of the country. By 2022, more than 2 million people will be enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, with 45% of the Medicare population enrolled in the plan.
On Tuesday, Google announced a new set of AI tools designed to enable healthcare organizations to use the search giant’s software and servers to read, store and label X-rays, MRIs and other medical images.
Genomic Screening: Health analysis company Sema4 announced Wednesday that it has joined the Genome Unified Screening for Rare Diseases in All Newborns (GUARDIAN) study, along with businesses, nonprofits, scientists and government agencies. The purpose of the study is to find ways for early diagnosis and treatment of genetic disorders in newborns.
Rapid monkeypox test: Northwestern University and subsidiary Minute Molecular Diagnostics are collaborating to develop a rapid monkeypox test based on the platform used to develop the rapid PCR test for Covid.
The real mechanism of the drug’s action: Biotech company Meliora Therapeutics announced the closing of a seed round worth $11 million. The company is developing a computing platform aimed at better understanding how drugs actually work and how they theoretically work.
The American Academy of Pediatrics has released new guidance recommending that children should not stay home if they have head lice.
Hurricane Yan may be over, but it could bring a host of infectious diseases to the populations of Florida and South Carolina.
A new study suggests that foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon and sardines, may help improve brain health in middle-aged adults.
Regulatory approval of a new ALS drug, Relyvrio, sparked controversy last week and it could face pricing and reimbursement issues as its sponsor, Amylyx Pharmaceuticals, tries to bring it to market.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has announced that they will no longer maintain an up-to-date list of country travel advisories related to Covid. This is because countries are testing and reporting a small number of cases, making it difficult to maintain a continuous list, according to the agency. Instead, the CDC will only issue travel advisories in situations such as new options that may pose a threat to people traveling to a particular country. It comes a week after Canada and Hong Kong joined a long list of countries easing travel restrictions.
Joe Kiani overcame enormous personal and professional challenges to create the best blood oxygen monitoring device. So why should he be afraid to push his pathetic consumer electronics company and challenge a company that is 100 times her size?
A new study has found that rinsing the nose with saline twice a day can reduce the risk of death and hospitalization in high-risk patients after testing positive for Covid-19.
While it is safe to get a flu shot and a Covid booster at the same time, some experts recommend getting a booster as soon as possible and waiting until the end of October before getting a flu shot. This is because the spread of the flu does not accelerate until late fall or early winter, meaning that getting vaccinated early can make you less protected in the event of a major flu outbreak.
The CDC study found that the best way to reduce transmission and prevent unaffected family members from becoming infected with Covid-19 is to isolate in a separate room.
By itself, the new bivalent booster vaccine will not cause Covid, but the side effects are similar to previous Covid-19 vaccines. Sore hands from acupuncture and reactions such as fever, nausea, and fatigue are potential side effects, and the risk of more serious problems is extremely rare.

Post time: Oct-06-2022
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